How-to: Score points for your club

How-to: Score points for your club

Players can score points for their club by walking, running, or cycling. The points are calculated based on the users’ BMI, the number of steps they have taken, the number of calories they have burned, and the distance that they have covered.

The Healthy Football League users will be rewarded with a wide variety of badges for certain performances related to steps that were walked, calories that were burned, or challenges that were created by their club. It is also possible to combine this app with the health projects that you run in your community and actions during matchdays.

Additionally, you can see an overview of your daily and weekly progress, which will make it easier for you to improve on your current rates of physical activity. The points that were earned every day can also be checked on a daily and weekly basis.

When you are working out, start the session and go for the route that you feel comfortable with. An important point to remember: it is okay to start slow, and you should not overexert yourself at the beginning of your fitness journey. If you want to cover a big distance for your club, just plan a little more time for it and walk whenever you are out of breath. You can also consult websites that can guide you through the process of beginning to get active. Start small and if you work out consistently, you will automatically get better. It is also possible to connect your daily tasks to the app and use it when you walk your kids to school or go for a walk during your breaks at work.

You can download the app here!