Choose your favourite football club

The first step of the Healthy Football League experience involves fans signing up to the app and selecting their favourite club, so they can represent it in the competition.
Once the fans have selected a club, they will also be able to choose club specific groups that they would like to join. These groups can be created by the clubs themselves.
The app also requires fans to fill in general information such as their email address, weight, height, age, and a personal password.
When the sign up process has been completed, fans will automatically be linked to their club and can start scoring points immediately.

Score points for your club by being active

Players can score points for their club by walking, running, or cycling. The points are calculated based on the users’ BMI, the number of steps they have taken, the number of calories they have burned, and the distance that they have covered.

The Healthy Football League users will be rewarded with a wide variety of badges for certain performances related to steps that were walked, calories that were burned, or challenges that were created by their club. It is also possible to combine this app with the health projects that are run by the clubs in their community and actions during matchdays.

Additionally, fans can see an overview of their daily and weekly progress, which will make it easier for them to improve on their current rates of physical activity. The points that were earned every day can also be checked on a daily and weekly basis.

Record sessions and share them on social media

The app also offers fans the opportunity to record their running and cycling sessions by using the start-stop function. By using GPS Data, the session function can calculate the number of steps, the distance, and the average speed that the app user has achieved.
After the session, it is possible for the fans to share their sessions with their family, friends, and fellow fans via their social media accounts. The logo of their club will also appear on the session share posts.
Fans will receive extra points for being active together with other app users, and for completing sessions during the matchdays of their clubs.

Invite your friends, family, colleagues, and fellow fans to join on the app

If fans are not happy with their club’s ranking and they are already working out, they can invite friends, family, colleagues, and fellow fans to sign up to the app. This can also boost their motivation since working out together can often be more fun and appealing than doing that by yourself. This way fans will also support the ones closest to them by making a positive lifestyle change by walking, running, or cycling more.

Prove that your club has the healthiest fans

The Healthy Football League app users can compete against their friends, their fellow fans, and rival fans for individual and collective honours through the league table systems that are present on the app.
As a club it is possible to offer individual prizes for the fans that earned the most points for them on a monthly basis. At the end of the season, the fan with the most points over the course of a season will receive the Healthy Football League trophy and an additional prize.

Become part of the healthiest football club in Europe

Clubs can use the app to improve the connection with their fans. The App is also a great tool for coaches involved in football club’s community programmes. Additionally, clubs will have an overview of how active their fans are in comparison with other clubs.
The Healthy Football League is a great way to engage with fans and allows every club to try and win a trophy off the pitch as well as on the pitch.